Its unconventional layout and distinctive presentation have made it one of Rolex’s most visually striking models, and as part of its Watches and Wonders 2024 releases, the line adds even more allure with its inaugural inclusion of the Jubilee bracelet in precious metals. The Rolex Sky-Dweller references 336935 and 336938 combine several of the brand’s boldest design elements into a captivating duo of new offerings.   43413PP_7

The highlight of these releases is undoubtedly the introduction of the revered Jubilee bracelet in precious metals to the Sky-Dweller collection for the first time. Featuring three small, rounded polished center links flanked by brushed outer links, the Jubilee bracelet has long been cherished by Rolex enthusiasts for its flashy appeal. Its use in 18K Everose and yellow gold, coupled with a 22mm lug width, only enhances its visual impact. Additionally, Rolex includes a 5mm Easylink comfort extension link, enhancing the day-to-day wearability of these models.  43413PP_9

Maintaining the substantial dimensions typical of previous Sky-Dweller models, both the Rolex Sky-Dweller references 336935 and 336938 boast a robust 42mm width and 13.8mm thickness. While sizable by modern standards, the precious metal cases lend them an even more commanding presence on the wrist. Available in Rolex’s signature 18K Everose rose gold for reference 336935 and classic 18K yellow gold for reference 336938, these sturdy cases feature iconic Rolex design elements, including athletic tapering lugs and softly rounded case sides. However, it’s the striking rendition of the brand’s fluted bezel that truly steals the spotlight. This brightly polished, intricately faceted bezel not only catches the light but also rotates to adjust the watch’s screw-down crown, a hallmark feature of the Sky-Dweller line. Like all Sky-Dweller models, these watches feature solid casebacks and boast a water resistance rating of 100 meters, underscoring their sporting versatility.

Both dial options for the Rolex Sky-Dweller references 336935 and 336938 will be familiar to Rolex aficionados. The Everose gold reference 336935 is paired with a sophisticated slate gray sunburst dial, while the 18K yellow gold reference 336938 boasts a bold gloss white dial base. The prominent 24-hour second time zone ring remains a focal point, offering a distinctive take on GMT functionality. Additionally, Rolex’s integrated annual calendar complication is elegantly displayed, with windows positioned outside the applied rectangular indices indicating the current month. While familiar, this dial design remains one of Rolex’s most distinctive and visually captivating.

Powering the Sky-Dweller references 336935 and 336938 is Rolex’s in-house 9002 automatic annual calendar dual time zone movement. Introduced with the line’s substantial redesign in 2023, this movement delivers robust performance, combining Rolex’s antimagnetic nickel-phosphorous Chronergy escapement with a Parachrom hairspring. With a 72-hour power reserve and adherence to Rolex’s stringent -2/+2 second per day Superlative Chronometer accuracy standard, the 9002 movement ensures reliable timekeeping.

While the addition of a precious metal Jubilee bracelet may not constitute a major overhaul, it aligns seamlessly with the Sky-Dweller collection’s emphasis on visual impact. The Rolex Sky-Dweller references 336935 and 336938 are now available through authorized dealers, offering discerning collectors a new level of luxury and style.

Welcome to another thrilling edition of Sunday Morning Showdown! This week, we bring you a clash of titans as we pit two distinguished timepieces against each other: the Rolex Perpetual 1908 and the Breguet Classique 5157. Can the Perpetual 1908, fresh from its victory over the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59, maintain its winning streak against the Classique 5157? Let’s delve into the intricacies of these watches and find out!

In our previous showdowns, we’ve witnessed surprising outcomes that defy conventional expectations. Last year, the Perpetual 1908 emerged victorious despite skepticism surrounding its matchup with the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59. Now, it faces a more closely aligned contender in the Breguet Classique 5157. Both watches share similarities in style, materials, and price range, yet embody distinct approaches to watchmaking excellence. Will the Perpetual 1908’s mass-produced brilliance triumph once again over the handcrafted elegance of the Classique 5157? Let the showdown commence!

Reflecting on our last matchup in 2023 between Kermit and Mickey, we witnessed an unexpected victory for Kermit, showcasing the unpredictable nature of our showdowns. Despite perceptions favoring Unimatic’s Mickey watch, Kermit prevailed, illustrating the subjective nature of watch preferences. Similarly, today’s battle transcends mere technical specifications, delving into the realms of style, craftsmanship, and personal taste.

Jorg: Rolex Perpetual 1908 As an ardent admirer of watchmaking tradition, I’ve long revered Breguet for its storied legacy and commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. However, when faced with the choice between the Classique 5157 and the Perpetual 1908, my inclination veers towards the latter. While Breguet’s horological prowess is undeniable, its designs often lean towards classical aesthetics that fail to resonate with my personal style preferences.

The Perpetual 1908, on the other hand, encapsulates Rolex’s mastery of contemporary design while paying homage to its heritage. Inspired by the spirit of exploration that defined the 1930s, this timepiece exudes a timeless allure rooted in adventure and innovation. The meticulous attention to detail, from the railroad minute track to the Art Deco-inspired fonts, evokes a sense of nostalgia for an era marked by daring achievements and cultural vibrancy.

Despite criticisms regarding its perceived relevance within Rolex’s expansive catalog, the Perpetual 1908 stands as a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy of excellence in design and engineering. While Breguet may excel in traditional watchmaking techniques, the modern reinterpretation of vintage aesthetics embodied by the 1908 resonates more profoundly with my sensibilities.

Daan: Breguet Classique 5157 Acknowledging the Perpetual 1908’s triumph in a previous showdown, I commend replica Rolex for its bold foray into the realm of dress watches with a distinctively refined design. However, when juxtaposed with the Breguet Classique 5157, the disparities in craftsmanship and sophistication become unmistakably apparent.  2885_1 2885_5 2885_8

Breguet’s unwavering commitment to horological artistry is exemplified by the Classique 5157, a timepiece that transcends mere functionality to embody a true work of art. From its meticulously hand-finished dial to the intricacies of its ultra-slim automatic caliber, every aspect of the 5157 exudes an aura of understated elegance and technical prowess.

While the Perpetual 1908 may fulfill its intended purpose admirably, it pales in comparison to the sheer refinement and sophistication of the Classique 5157. The latter’s exquisite detailing and timeless design elevate it to a league of its own, offering discerning enthusiasts a truly unparalleled horological experience.

As we weigh the merits of the Rolex Perpetual 1908 and the Breguet Classique 5157, it becomes evident that each timepiece embodies a distinct approach to watchmaking excellence. While the Perpetual 1908 showcases copy Rolex’s mastery of modern design and functionality, the Classique 5157 epitomizes Breguet’s legacy of artisanal craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Ultimately, the choice between these two iconic watches lies in the hands of the individual enthusiast, each drawn to the unique allure of their preferred timepiece.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust series launched in 1945, the Datejust has evolved over the decades, combining timeless design with cutting-edge technology to become an iconic symbol of precision and elegance.
The history of the Datejust is deeply intertwined with Rolex’s commitment to innovation. One of its defining features is the introduction of the date window at 3 o’clock, a groundbreaking feature at the time. The date mechanism automatically changed at midnight, a revolutionary advancement in the world of watchmaking. The addition of the Cyclops lens on the crystal, enhancing date visibility, further solidified the Datejust’s status as a pioneer in its class.  6195_3 6195_8
Over the years, the Datejust has been embraced by numerous celebrities and notable figures, amplifying its status as a symbol of success and refinement. Notable personalities such as James Bond, Winston Churchill, and Martin Luther King Jr. have been photographed wearing the Datejust, underscoring its universal appeal and versatility.
The feedback from these luminaries has consistently praised the Datejust for its precision, durability, and understated elegance. Its waterproof Oyster case, a Rolex hallmark, ensures its reliability in various environments, making it suitable for both formal occasions and adventurous pursuits. The perpetual movement, powered by Rolex’s patented self-winding technology, eliminates the need for a battery, a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainability and reliability.
What sets the Datejust apart from other Rolex series is its timeless design that seamlessly marries tradition with modernity. The fluted bezel, an iconic feature of the Datejust, adds a touch of sophistication, while the Jubilee bracelet, introduced in 1945, enhances its aesthetic appeal. The variety of materials, including stainless steel, gold, and Rolesor (a combination of steel and gold), allows for personalization, ensuring that each wearer can find a perfect match for their style.
Unlike some other Rolex collections that lean towards sporty or professional aesthetics, the Datejust strikes a balance that makes it suitable for a wide range of occasions. Its versatility has made it a staple in the wardrobes of those who appreciate a watch that can seamlessly transition from the boardroom to the weekend getaway at.
In terms of technical features, the Datejust is equipped with the Rolex Caliber movement, known for its precision and reliability. The movement undergoes rigorous testing and certification processes, guaranteeing its accuracy within a range of seconds per day. This dedication to excellence is a hallmark of Rolex, ensuring that every Datejust timepiece meets the highest standards of quality.
The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust series rich history, coupled with the endorsements of influential figures, attests to its enduring appeal and unwavering commitment to precision and innovation. Whether worn by world leaders, cultural icons, or individuals with a taste for refined craftsmanship, the Datejust continues to symbolize the pinnacle of horological achievement and remains a testament to Rolex’s legacy of excellence.

Rolex Submariner

This episode of Fratello On Air was recorded on the eve of “Watches and Wonders”. We discuss a few latest releases before turning to our main topic. We choose an accessory, a piece of clothing and a watch for each other. After all these years and countless shows, can we do it right?
Yes, we pick a watch for each other, an accessory, and an outfit. But first, let’s look at some versions of Watches & Wonders. The new IWC Ingenieur, the TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox, and even Biver’s debut piece are among the pieces we discuss.  10176_3 10176_6
Before we start picking replica watches for each other, let’s take a look at the Handgelenks Kontrolle. Balazs started in Bari, Italy with the Fratello × Nivada Grenchen racing chronograph. He was enjoying the heat while rocking a reverse Panda. Mike wears a watch he bought in 1994, an Omega Seamaster 120m Chronometer Automatic, model 2301.21.00. Nearly 30 years later, the yellow-gold bezel has turned bronze and looks great with the burgundy Horween shell soft leather strap.
We start with some accessories to get to our topic. Balazs found a cool Rimowa AirPods holder and thought Mike would like it too. For the Balazs, Mike recommends the iconic Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 31 Plain Insingo. it’s a no-nonsense tool that should last several lifetimes. Balazs stumbled upon Felco pieces for clothing, while Mike recommended his favorite western shirt from clothier Double RL. Regarding the main event, Balazs digs deeper, satisfying Mike’s love of Japanese watches with a limited edition Citizen “The Citizen” NC0206-18E. Mike went old school and felt it was time for Balazs to add a classic Rolex Submariner 5513 Maxi Dial to his collection.

It may feel like spring is just around the corner – or at least it should be. But as far as ski season goes, there’s still plenty of time to hit the slopes, feel the wind in your face, and crush some serious powder. For those of you looking for a white Rolex watch to get you in the winter spirit, here is the ultimate buying guide for white replica Rolex watches.  8610_1 8610_10
Come on, do you really think I could have started this list of white watches with anything else? After all, it has Polaris in its name. ref. 216570 is a very good example of the “Polaris” Rolex Explorer II with all the features we love about this model, including the stark white face and black luminous markers. Did you notice the vintage-style orange “Freccione” 24-hour hand? So sharp. This watch is built for adventure – with a durable stainless steel face, a reliable automatic caliber 3187, and a highly legible white dial.
This racing watch comes with a tachymeter bezel to help measure driving speed, but you can also use it to calculate your time down the mountain. Plus, this beautiful white dial has those beloved, world-famous subdials that might be enough to distract the competition while you’re coasting. This Rolex Daytona ref. 116520 is a newer model with a 4130 movement that perfectly embodies the symbol of speed and high style of this watch – so if you’re skiing to a chalet in the Alps or to a hut in Aspen, this is the white watch you’ll be wearing. Plus, since it’s made to withstand the wear and tear of racing, you can bet this watch will be a great companion on the slopes.
Another must-have white dial Rolex watch for winter is the Milgauss ref. 116400. Rolex’s iconic anti-magnetic watch features a rather innovative design that protects the movement from high electromagnetic fields by encasing the movement in a soft iron Faraday cage. Rolex equipped the first Milgauss and Ref. 116400 with a quirky lightning bolt seconds hand to reflect its purpose as an anti-magnetic watch. In addition, the bright orange accents are easy to read as you glide down the hillside. Rolex no longer produces the Milgauss with a white face – the current catalog includes only the funky Z-Blue and the classic black – but, of course, that only adds to this Ref. 116400.
The Rolex Datejust made history in 1945 when it became the first mechanical wristwatch with an automatic date changeover mechanism. Since then, it has been a fixture on wrists around the world. As cool as Paul Newman was in The Color of Money, and as cool as Daniel Craig and Bono have been recently, the Datejust is an absolute must-have. the Datejust also stands out on a white dial. the Ref. 116300 is the original 41mm Datejust generation (known as the Datejust II), which is features an all-stainless steel face version, a smooth domed bezel, and the iconic flat bracelet Oyster strap.
Our list of white-faced fake Rolex watches would not be complete without the classic Oyster Perpetual. This watch has been a staple in the Rolex catalog since the 1950s and includes any combination of designs you can imagine, including the classic white face. Part of the Oyster Perpetual’s great appeal is its luxury and instant recognition as an iconic Rolex watch. It is also water resistant to 100 meters, making it one of the most reliable watches in the world. With its time-limited movement, crisp white dial and durable stainless steel face, this Oyster Perpetual embraces the winter sports lifestyle.

Rolex Oysterdate

When we think of the classics in the Rolex catalog, we usually think of the Datejust, Submariner, Sea-Dweller, GMT-Master, Daytona, or even the Explorer. Today, the glamour associated with everything the “crown” touches, and the eagerness of modern consumers to have a Rolex watch on their wrist, have driven the prices of modern and pre-owned versions of these models through the roof. However, for some, the allure of owning a Rolex is not quelled by the financial impossibility of doing so. So, what to do?  5692_3 5692_8
Thankfully, another option lurking in the brand’s archives may be the answer to many prayers. The Rolex Oysterdate Precision 6694 is a quiet classic, an unsung hero, and an affordable entry point into what often seems to be the most exclusive watchmaking club. Even better, there are many variations of this venerable hand-wound model, so there’s something for almost everyone.
As far as Rolex is concerned, the Oysterdate is the easiest. The Oysterdate Precision reference 6694 began in the early 1960s and was a huge success until it was finally discontinued in the late 1980s, earning the distinction of being the last manually wound Rolex watch.
Easily confused with the Oyster Perpetual and Oyster Perpetual Date series, the Oyster Perpetual is actually an oddity in the Rolex book. The absence of the “Perpetual” label in its name suggests that it is one of the few examples of Rolex that is not self-winding. In addition, the lack of any chronometer-certified text on the dial hints at the fact that the watch is not chronometer-certified.
Instead, the dial of the Rolex Oysterdate is marked “Precision” – a small, easily overlooked detail that is popular with hardcore watch collectors. In fact, the cleanliness of the dial and the restoration of purity is one of the things that supporters of this model point to when discussing the watch in all its lesser-known glory. The design of this watch lets the form used within it speak for itself. Whenever a less traditional color is used for the dial, the watch stays elegant and does not go overboard like some of the more famous models.


Perhaps you have heard of the Rolex Milgauss watch but are less aware of its importance in the company’s history and current catalogue. Among Rolex watches, the Milgauss is usually overlooked and, therefore, underrated. However, those familiar with Rolex Milgauss know that this watch is not only rich in personality but also historical significance. Like many other copy Rolex watches, the Milgauss was developed to serve a specific audience.  8661A_3 8661A_4 8661A_7 8661A_9
Rolex invented the Milgauss scientific watch in the mid-20th century to withstand the electromagnetic work environment. Scientists and technicians often find that their watches do not work effectively when exposed to magnetic forces.
Rolex then tried to solve this problem by inventing the Milgauss watch, which was officially unveiled in 1956. This groundbreaking watch could withstand electromagnetic rays of up to 1,000 gausses, thanks to a soft iron shroud inside the case to protect the movement.
The first Milgauss watch was the 6543, which featured a large 38mm steel case from that era, a black rotating chronograph bezel, and a black honeycomb dial fitted with aluminium pieces to protect the movement further. This particular model is often considered to be a prototype or test model.
A second Milgauss model followed reference 6541. The Milgauss 6541 retained many of the design cues of its predecessor but now included a lightning seconds hand as a nod to what the watch had done for the scientific community. In addition to the rotating bezel version, Rolex made a Milgauss 6541 with a flat steel bezel specifically for the American market.
The third Milgauss model was the reference 1019, launched in 1960 and did away with the rotating bezel and the lightning seconds hand. It was not a successful replica Rolex model, which explains why the company quietly shelved the entire Milgauss line in 1988. Despite the poor performance of 1019 in its time, the vintage Rolex Milgauss 1019 is now a highly collectable piece.
Milgauss’ green sapphire, denoted GV in the reference number, is something truly special and has never been done before. In fact, Rolex claims that the company didn’t even patent the green crystal because it was too difficult to make.
When the wearer places the Milgauss on their wrist, they can be inspired because they are wearing one of the most revolutionary watches ever made. One of Rolex’s selling points is that they developed the watch to meet specific problems.
The Milgauss may not be fake Rolex’s most popular watch model, but it certainly has a cult following. With a white, black or Z-Blue dial and with or without a green crystal, the Rolex Scientist watch with luminous orange hands is a unique model in the Crown’s current lineup and well worth adding to your watch collection.

rolex-datejust 36mm

The classic Rolex stainless steel Daytona has slowly evolved over the years, but when it first appeared in 1963, it came with a matching steel bezel engraved with its signature tachymetric scale. While the current production stainless steel Daytona now comes with a black Cerachrom bezel, the stainless steel bezel represents Rolex’s original vision for the Daytona and remains an option in the Rolex Daytona collection from the 1960s when the model first appeared until 2016.  Rolex-Cellini-Yellow-Gold-White-Replica-Back
The major difference between the vintage replica Rolex Daytona ref. 6265 and its successor, the 16520, is that the vintage 6265 has a 37 mm case, excluding the crown protector, while the more modern 16520 has a 40 mm case. 16520 has a 40 mm case, almost identical to that of the 116520 model, and has its winding crown flanked by with prominent protectors.
In addition, some key differences can be observed as far as the dial itself is concerned. On all the dials fitted to the vintage Daytona 6265, the chronograph indexes appear in contrasting colors, while the hour markers are applied indices with luminous dots next to them. In contrast, on the dials fitted to the Ref. 16520 and Ref. 116520, the chronograph scales use a ring of contrasting colors rather than being filled entirely with different colors, while the applied hour-markers are filled with luminescence rather than having separate luminous dots placed next to them.
While the external differences between the various stainless steel bezel replica Rolex Daytona watches can all be spotted by the trained eye, arguably one of the most important differences between these three Daytona models is the movement used to power them. While they all measure up to 12 hours of events, the actual movements themselves are all very different.
The Rolex Daytona 6265 is powered by the hand-wound Valjoux 727 movement, which can also be found in a number of other chronographs from manufacturers of the same era.
While the Daytona 16520 and 116520 share many visual similarities and are both self-winding chronographs, the more modern Daytona 116520 is powered by Rolex’s own caliber 4130. Strictly speaking, from a performance standpoint, Rolex’s in-house Cal. However, many watch collectors prefer the vintage reference 16520 because of its important place in Rolex’s history as the brand’s first ever self-winding chronograph.
Whether you choose modern or vintage, all three of these Rolex Daytona stainless steel watches feature matching steel tachymeter bezels and, in addition to no longer being available directly from retailers and boutiques, all three represent fake Rolex’s original vision of its iconic racing chronograph.


The Rolex Daytona 116500 was highly anticipated when it was launched at Baselworld 2016 and sold out instantly at all retailers worldwide upon its introduction. Even now, more than half a month after its initial release, the stainless steel, and ceramic Daytona ref. 116500LN remains one of the most coveted fake Rolex watches in the entire world, and if anything, it has only become more difficult to purchase at the retail level. Let’s take a closer look at the Rolex Daytona 116500LN and the key features that make it one of the most sought-after luxury replicas watches in existence.
The Rolex Daytona has a long and rich history as one of the world’s premier luxury sports watches. First introduced in 1963, the Cosmograph Daytona has gone through many upgrades and iterations, and along the way, it has become one of the brand’s most recognizable, valuable, and popular timepieces.   4a997bdb0b90498238b7c3d17372ece7-600x400
Today, we are currently in the third generation of the Rolex Daytona. This third-generation was first introduced by Rolex in 2000 and it is defined as the most important update to the collection to date. Rolex’s own chronograph movement. While the third generation Rolex Daytona retains many of the same core design features as the second generation, there are some other noteworthy upgrades.
One way to distinguish this generation is that the watches of this generation have six-digit reference numbers, some of which are followed by letters based on their bezel type. For example, the Ref. 116500LN is followed by the letters “LN”, indicating the use of a black ceramic bezel – something Rolex began installing on certain Daytona models back in 2011. In addition, on the generation with the in-house movement, the running second’s indicator has been moved from 9 o’clock to 6 o’clock, which also serves as a visual way to identify the correct age of a Rolex Daytona watch.
Before we talk about the Rolex Daytona ref. 116500, let’s take a minute to explain what Cerachrom is and why it is so popular and important in modern Rolex replica watches. The name “Cerachrom” is a combination of the words “ceramic” and “chrome”. It is the name chosen by Rolex to identify its patented ceramic material, which is used in the brand’s contemporary line of sports watches and comes in several different colors.
Highly prized for its attractive qualities and resilience, Rolex’s Cerachrom ceramic bezel is virtually scratch-proof and completely colorfast, making it a very tough and wear-resistant watch component. Unlike the scratched, cracked and faded aluminum bezels of older Rolex watches, Cerachrom bezels retain the same rich color and shiny appearance after decades.

Have you heard about it? Or have you been living under a (space) rock? Rolex has just released a new Daytona that is literally out of this world. Equipped with white gold, yellow gold, and Everose, the new Rolex Meteorite Dial Daytona is cool, modern, and totally covered. We took the time to research everything we could about this new Daytona – from the materials used to the retail price, release date, and more. Plus, we’ve pointed out all the details you shouldn’t miss. Well, let’s take a closer look! 
The new Rolex Daytona with the meteorite dial is not yet available. It will be available at retailers soon, probably in the next few weeks. However, since its announcement, there are undoubtedly thousands of people around the world trying to get on the waiting list for this fake watch. As a result, it’s unclear how long they’ll be making the watch and who on the waiting list will get it. It’s also worth noting that at Bob’s, we don’t work with a waiting list. Our website is updated daily with our latest watches – we encourage you to keep a close eye on it. Often we will have a brand replica Rolex watch for sale, maybe even this one. But remember, it’s first-come, first-served!
The Meteorite Dial is more than just a cool name – Rolex actually uses meteorites to create these unique, world-beating designs. Okay, so you’re probably wondering – what’s a meteorite? Well, it’s actually the stuff at the center of asteroids – rocks that flew through space billions of years ago – and landed on Earth. As Rolex explains, “During its journey, the center of the meteorite gradually transformed, creating a very unusual metallic pattern caused by the very slow cooling of the molten asteroid core”. What Rolex has done is to create a dial from these space rocks – each with its own unique and distinctive geometric pattern.
So, are meteorites as rare as fake Rolex claims? Not really. They’re much easier to find than you might think, which means they’re not all that precious or expensive. However, they are very unique and most replica watch companies only use meteorites on their most famous, expensive, and collectible timepieces.
Finally, let’s boil down the details of these unique dials here. While the meteorite may be the first element that catches your eye, there are many other small details on this dial that are worth noting. First, we love the pointed baton hour markers, which are outlined in gold (white, yellow, or stellar) and then filled with Rolex’s high-resolution Chromalight display with its long-lasting blue luminescence. Note that the baton is smaller and fatter at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock to make room for the subdials, and at 12 o’clock, there are no indexes to make room for the Rolex crown logo.