Whenever Bell and Rose release a new timer, they are constantly in the headlines. Other times, they pop up on best-of lists everywhere. This shouldn’t be news if you’re a fan of the brand or a collector well-versed in the brand’s characteristics. However, many people who are new to the industry may be quite skeptical of the brand. While the brand also carries the Swiss Made label on its high-quality fake Rolex watches, unlike brands like Rolex or Omega, Bell and Ross remain a steady and quiet player in the industry.
Drawing inspiration from aviation and the military, Bell & Ross continue to introduce state-of-the-art timepieces. With that, it’s easy to associate the brand with durability and classic design. However, as we learn more about the brand and its legacy, it becomes clear that the brand is more than that. Before we move on to the brand’s main collections, let’s take a quick look at its history and everything to expect from its watches.
Despite being a French brand, Bell and Ross produce Swiss-made watches. We know this may be confusing, but hear us out. The Bell and Ross brand designate France as its headquarters, specifically the country’s capital, Paris. However, the brand’s production site is located in a popular watchmaking region of Switzerland. If you like watches, you would have guessed it right. Yes, all of its watches are made in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
When you think about it, Bell & Ross isn’t held in high regard like brands whose history dates back to the 19th century. It is a fairly young brand, born in the second half of watchmaking history and in the wake of the quartz crisis. It certainly would not have gained the same reputation without the story of having survived such a huge change in the industry. However, it is still a name to remember, especially for its reputation for timepieces (more on that later!).
The great thing about Bell and Ross is that it doesn’t rely on the celebrity factor when it comes to promoting its watches. Not to belittle other watch brands that adopt the names of legendary celebrities and hugely influential people, but Bell and Ross wouldn’t even dare touch that part. The brand simply puts its designs on the front line and lets the performance of its exact replica watches speak for itself.
When it comes to pricing, Bell and Ross may not be the most affordable watch out there. In fact, it sits on the more expensive side of the scale – at an average of $2,000 USD. However, there are great reasons for this, and you’ll find out why.