Considering the fact that they’re military oriented, having an odd code instead of a proper name is merely normal. I know I wrote about this theme in the past, but today, I desire to go over this replica Bell & Ross review again, since I receive thus many emails regarding it. The Bell & Ross replica with the white dial just has totally wrong hands – both shape and colors, as can plainly be seen!
As you may or may not know, somewhere in the past, there was a wrongly-sized Bell & Ross in circulation, at merely 39mm, but in the later years, you can merely find the appropriate 46mm BR01-92 (we will rule out getting it from some shady character’s trunk, because there, anything’s possible). This may be difficult to determine, however, if you are unable to do a side-by-side comparison.
Overall watch quality
there is no doubt that, the ‘veracity’ of replica watches is of the utmost importance for anyone in the market for one these things. As with all watches, the devil is in the details. There is no doubt that, this certainly is preferable to the watch constantly stopping or falling behind – I give it a regular shake even if I don’t have to – just a force of habit, but it’s been working non-stop and doing fine. If any one of these details are lacking, the whole illusion just falls apart and it’s obvious that it’s a fake. The power reserve is meant to last for a full 42 hours but I have merely given it a test of 12 total hours, and that seems be more than okay. One thing I forgot to mention is that I really like the way the seconds hand moves, it does a continuous sweeping motion, I find it to be really cool.
More Specific Details
I’m not going to go in too much detail here because I’ve already written a Fake Rolex How To Spot Guide here, awesome info graphic included. With this Bell & Ross BR01 92 replica watches there are definitely no details left behind – everything is kept in line with the genuine article and there’s very little discrepancy. An attentive observer with a natural feel for watch-making, it wasn’t long before he began looking for ways to bring a contemporary sensibility to classical watch-making. Here are some of those specs:
1) The hour markers are placed very well around the face of the watch – the essential three, six, nine, and twelve – and the identical accuracy can be said for the colors. If anyone has something different to report please do so.
2) There are on the dial the necessary black screws between all of the digit hour markings on the face of the timepiece.
3) At the six hour marking, you will find the phrase ‘Swiss made’ is right on point too – just compare it to the genuine.
4) Though not exactly same, the shape and the proportionality of the crown is actually pretty good. With this Bell & Ross replica, the BR01-92, you can tell that this has been kept in mind from the very start.
It really is a pretty believable Bell & Ross as you can plainly see, well-built, well-finished, and well-conceived. I say the band could be better, but still. There are however some points that can be said to be lacking with the watch. There are details, not major, but still deserve to be noted:
1) There are some screws missing on the back of the casing – the 1.3mm screws. It has the preferred ETA 2892-2, the so-called ‘Swiss movement’, which drives the Bell & Ross price up, though this seems to have been left out elsewhere.
2) The U shape isn’t big enough. Though on the black version the second hand’s lower half is hidden because it’s the identical color as the dial thus it’s really not that easy to notice this particular detail. The decoration of the second hand is off. Still, it’s not entirely invisible either.
3) The screw on the crown doesn’t have the proper depth, at least with my Bell & Ross replica.
But rest assured, it’s an accurate detail. It’s known to be a very solid movement, though one could say a bit too solid – it can be audible at quiet times like in the library or late at night. It just has a little gap since it doesn’t go down completely. This may not be a problem with every single Bell & Ross BR01 92, I don’t know.
4) Though it’s not really technically a problem, the strap on this watch just sometimes seems like it could have been better. Admittedly I’m used to a tremendous standard of quality from the BOB PAM replica watches straps – particularly the Vertigo.
All in all, though it looks like I’ve ended on a lot of bad, bad notes here, this Bell & Ross replica is genuinely quite fine and can be counted as a successful foray in fact. Like all replica watches, it will have its flaws, without a doubt.
In the end, the positives clearly outweigh the downsides. Also, if the price seems too fine to be true, you’re probably dealing with a replica IWC, not a genuine. That’s why, when planning to buy a used one, take it to a watchmaker and let him inspect it. there is no doubt that, if you’re buying it online, from eBay For instance, it’s hard to know if you’re getting the genuine deal or not. This Bell & Ross BR01-92 for instance is in fact my favorite of the collection of seven that I own.