Omega was one of the early pioneers in the use of ceramics, and the brand has made great strides in its use. More recently, the company introduced Liquidmetal – a special alloy of titanium, zirconium, copper, and beryllium that, when heated, has some of the properties of plastic. The brand uses this alloy for the diving scale on the bezel, creating a completely seamless look unlike anything else you’ll encounter, and improving both durability and aesthetics.
At the heart of it all is the brand’s in-house Cal. 8900, the brand’s first METAS-certified movement, which is rated within 0 and +5 seconds per day and laughs at magnetic fields in excess of 15,000 gausses. It travels at 25,200 VPN and offers a 60-hour reserve. The finishing is superb, especially at this price, with Geneva waves aplenty, all visible through the watch’s sapphire case back. A modern and luxurious dive fake Rolex watch, the OMEGA Planet Ocean gets everything just right and is a watch that is sure to get your attention.  watches
Once replica watch collectors have the brand’s usual models – the Moon, the Seamaster, or the Globemaster or Deville for special occasions – they start looking around for the uncommon – the quirky, the unpopular, the unique. And that’s exactly how the Railmaster survives. The dark horse status of this watch, combined with its beautifully judged vintage styling, makes it a sought-after model for those with a deeper grounding in horology as a whole.

In terms of overall styling, it couldn’t be more understated. 40mm is ideal for a modern watch that doesn’t want to draw too much attention to itself. The stainless steel case is relatively thick at just over 12 mm, giving it a solid, reliable feel and an excellent softly brushed finish. The dial surface has a subtle vertical stripe texture, and the hands and markers feature beige Super-LumiNova luminescence that replicates the look of aged radium.
And inside, as you would expect, everything is modern. The Cal. 8806 was only launched in 2017, based on the 8800, but without the date function. Another in-house engine, it’s also METAS-certified and comes with an in-line escapement that raises the Railmaster’s anti-magnetic performance from the original 1,000 gausses all the way to the same 15,000 gausses as other Master Chronometer replica watches.  
It may have had a tough upbringing, as happens from time to time with even the finest makers’ models, but the modern rolex Railmaster is reveling in its now cult classic role. A tasteful, minimalist throwback, it is for purists and backed by some of the most advanced technology in the industry.