When it comes to vintage watches, a truly historic watchmaker I have to mention is Breguet, the jewel of Swatch Group’s prestige brands, which has combined the traditional craftsmanship and modern watchmaking techniques perfectly. Few brands can contain two elements including traditional and modern at the same time. Here what I talk about is the reference 5140BA-29-9W6 Breguet Classique 5140 in 18k yellow gold with a white enamel dial, which is a lovely dress-style wrist watch with a very traditional appearance at least.  watches for men
Personally, many of Breguet’s more simple timepieces can be the most satisfying daily wear watch. With its clean time-only dial and in-house made automatic movement, the Classique 5140 family surely belongs to that category.
Except its inherent legibility and elegant looks, what I love most about this best replica watch is that it truly feels like an antique made today. With 40mm wide case and in 18k yellow gold, this Classique 5140 has an authentic oven-baked enamel dial and flame-blued steel hands as well. The techniques used to produce these parts can date back to hundreds of years and very similar processes are used to produce them today. Many times I suppose the modern “retro-inspired” watches may emulate traditional designs, but from a construction and materials standpoint they are still very much like modern watches. However the Classique 5140 benefits from having an “antique feel” even if it is a new timepiece. This is related to the careful finishing of the gold case, as well as the organic feel of the dial and hands, which have their tiny imperfections, feel more alive and rich personality than something “perfect” that comes out of a big machine.
While not all Breguet Classique 5140 timepieces feature enamel dials, other models in the collection have in-house guilloche machined dials which have a different, albeit equally captivating appearance. Enamel dial has the most legibility as well as a graceful looks which is very difficult to reproduce in lacquer or other manufacturing techniques. Enamel dials begin as baked white-color dials that are printed or painted with enamel paint, and then baked again. Actually it is a form of ceramic, the baking process make the colors on enamel dial permanent. Therefore, it’s the durability and permanence of the colors and printing on enamel dials that made them begin to extremely popular. A neat little “hidden” feature in Breguet’s enamel dials is their “secret signature. ” It’s basically a secondary Breguet logo on the dial between the main logo and where the hands intersect. In fact, this is a vestige of original Breguet timepieces when things like secret text on dials were done in order to prevent unauthorized copying. It’s just a good story added to a historic-style wrist watch today.
In this case the enamel dial has two levels, while the subsidiary seconds dial is both recessed and slightly asymmetric, which is interesting and adds fake watch a bit more personality. It also helps prevent having to cut off the 6 o’ clock hour marker while having that size of subsidiary dial. Even if I’m really curious what the dial would like look with little markers in there, it won’t bother me that the subsidiary seconds dial has no markers in it.
The hour markers themselves are in traditional “Breguet” Arabic numerals matched with pomme-style “Breguet” hands. Detailing on the hands is cute, and it always look eye-pleasing when the blued color derived from the baking process against the white enamel face. It’s basically that traditional pocket watches are most inspiration for the dial, therefore, element like the Breguet logo are scaled down as if the dial were originally designed to be in a larger size (such as on a pocket watch). Some models have increased the size of dial elements (numerals and logo) to match the proportion of a wrist watch better. What should I say it that there’s no any issues of the the Classique 5140 dial.
Although it’s may not the largest size, 40mm wide is a larger-sized dress watch for Breguet. This is what the size I personally prefer to. The case is comfortable and the angled lugs don’t appear too long which are even fit small to medium-sized wrists. Typical coined-edge decor is on the side of the case, and the caseback is modeled to design based on some pocket replica watches. In a word, its soul apparently still thinks it is part pocket watch though the Classique 5140 wears very well as a wrist watch. In addition to, a brown-toned alligator leather strap with matching yellow gold buckle which is attached to the case. If you are a watch enthusiast like me you won’t miss it, right?