The Rolex Daytona 116500 was highly anticipated when it was launched at Baselworld 2016 and sold out instantly at all retailers worldwide upon its introduction. Even now, more than half a month after its initial release, the stainless steel, and ceramic Daytona ref. 116500LN remains one of the most coveted fake Rolex watches in the entire world, and if anything, it has only become more difficult to purchase at the retail level. Let’s take a closer look at the Rolex Daytona 116500LN and the key features that make it one of the most sought-after luxury replicas watches in existence.
The Rolex Daytona has a long and rich history as one of the world’s premier luxury sports watches. First introduced in 1963, the Cosmograph Daytona has gone through many upgrades and iterations, and along the way, it has become one of the brand’s most recognizable, valuable, and popular timepieces.   4a997bdb0b90498238b7c3d17372ece7-600x400
Today, we are currently in the third generation of the Rolex Daytona. This third-generation was first introduced by Rolex in 2000 and it is defined as the most important update to the collection to date. Rolex’s own chronograph movement. While the third generation Rolex Daytona retains many of the same core design features as the second generation, there are some other noteworthy upgrades.
One way to distinguish this generation is that the watches of this generation have six-digit reference numbers, some of which are followed by letters based on their bezel type. For example, the Ref. 116500LN is followed by the letters “LN”, indicating the use of a black ceramic bezel – something Rolex began installing on certain Daytona models back in 2011. In addition, on the generation with the in-house movement, the running second’s indicator has been moved from 9 o’clock to 6 o’clock, which also serves as a visual way to identify the correct age of a Rolex Daytona watch.
Before we talk about the Rolex Daytona ref. 116500, let’s take a minute to explain what Cerachrom is and why it is so popular and important in modern Rolex replica watches. The name “Cerachrom” is a combination of the words “ceramic” and “chrome”. It is the name chosen by Rolex to identify its patented ceramic material, which is used in the brand’s contemporary line of sports watches and comes in several different colors.
Highly prized for its attractive qualities and resilience, Rolex’s Cerachrom ceramic bezel is virtually scratch-proof and completely colorfast, making it a very tough and wear-resistant watch component. Unlike the scratched, cracked and faded aluminum bezels of older Rolex watches, Cerachrom bezels retain the same rich color and shiny appearance after decades.


Whenever Bell and Rose release a new timer, they are constantly in the headlines. Other times, they pop up on best-of lists everywhere. This shouldn’t be news if you’re a fan of the brand or a collector well-versed in the brand’s characteristics. However, many people who are new to the industry may be quite skeptical of the brand. While the brand also carries the Swiss Made label on its high-quality fake Rolex watches, unlike brands like Rolex or Omega, Bell and Ross remain a steady and quiet player in the industry.
Drawing inspiration from aviation and the military, Bell & Ross continue to introduce state-of-the-art timepieces. With that, it’s easy to associate the brand with durability and classic design. However, as we learn more about the brand and its legacy, it becomes clear that the brand is more than that. Before we move on to the brand’s main collections, let’s take a quick look at its history and everything to expect from its watches.
Despite being a French brand, Bell and Ross produce Swiss-made watches. We know this may be confusing, but hear us out. The Bell and Ross brand designate France as its headquarters, specifically the country’s capital, Paris. However, the brand’s production site is located in a popular watchmaking region of Switzerland. If you like watches, you would have guessed it right. Yes, all of its watches are made in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
When you think about it, Bell & Ross isn’t held in high regard like brands whose history dates back to the 19th century. It is a fairly young brand, born in the second half of watchmaking history and in the wake of the quartz crisis. It certainly would not have gained the same reputation without the story of having survived such a huge change in the industry. However, it is still a name to remember, especially for its reputation for timepieces (more on that later!).
The great thing about Bell and Ross is that it doesn’t rely on the celebrity factor when it comes to promoting its watches. Not to belittle other watch brands that adopt the names of legendary celebrities and hugely influential people, but Bell and Ross wouldn’t even dare touch that part. The brand simply puts its designs on the front line and lets the performance of its exact replica watches speak for itself.
When it comes to pricing, Bell and Ross may not be the most affordable watch out there. In fact, it sits on the more expensive side of the scale – at an average of $2,000 USD. However, there are great reasons for this, and you’ll find out why.

Have you heard about it? Or have you been living under a (space) rock? Rolex has just released a new Daytona that is literally out of this world. Equipped with white gold, yellow gold, and Everose, the new Rolex Meteorite Dial Daytona is cool, modern, and totally covered. We took the time to research everything we could about this new Daytona – from the materials used to the retail price, release date, and more. Plus, we’ve pointed out all the details you shouldn’t miss. Well, let’s take a closer look! 
The new Rolex Daytona with the meteorite dial is not yet available. It will be available at retailers soon, probably in the next few weeks. However, since its announcement, there are undoubtedly thousands of people around the world trying to get on the waiting list for this fake watch. As a result, it’s unclear how long they’ll be making the watch and who on the waiting list will get it. It’s also worth noting that at Bob’s, we don’t work with a waiting list. Our website is updated daily with our latest watches – we encourage you to keep a close eye on it. Often we will have a brand replica Rolex watch for sale, maybe even this one. But remember, it’s first-come, first-served!
The Meteorite Dial is more than just a cool name – Rolex actually uses meteorites to create these unique, world-beating designs. Okay, so you’re probably wondering – what’s a meteorite? Well, it’s actually the stuff at the center of asteroids – rocks that flew through space billions of years ago – and landed on Earth. As Rolex explains, “During its journey, the center of the meteorite gradually transformed, creating a very unusual metallic pattern caused by the very slow cooling of the molten asteroid core”. What Rolex has done is to create a dial from these space rocks – each with its own unique and distinctive geometric pattern.
So, are meteorites as rare as fake Rolex claims? Not really. They’re much easier to find than you might think, which means they’re not all that precious or expensive. However, they are very unique and most replica watch companies only use meteorites on their most famous, expensive, and collectible timepieces.
Finally, let’s boil down the details of these unique dials here. While the meteorite may be the first element that catches your eye, there are many other small details on this dial that are worth noting. First, we love the pointed baton hour markers, which are outlined in gold (white, yellow, or stellar) and then filled with Rolex’s high-resolution Chromalight display with its long-lasting blue luminescence. Note that the baton is smaller and fatter at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock to make room for the subdials, and at 12 o’clock, there are no indexes to make room for the Rolex crown logo.


Omega was one of the early pioneers in the use of ceramics, and the brand has made great strides in its use. More recently, the company introduced Liquidmetal – a special alloy of titanium, zirconium, copper, and beryllium that, when heated, has some of the properties of plastic. The brand uses this alloy for the diving scale on the bezel, creating a completely seamless look unlike anything else you’ll encounter, and improving both durability and aesthetics.
At the heart of it all is the brand’s in-house Cal. 8900, the brand’s first METAS-certified movement, which is rated within 0 and +5 seconds per day and laughs at magnetic fields in excess of 15,000 gausses. It travels at 25,200 VPN and offers a 60-hour reserve. The finishing is superb, especially at this price, with Geneva waves aplenty, all visible through the watch’s sapphire case back. A modern and luxurious dive fake Rolex watch, the OMEGA Planet Ocean gets everything just right and is a watch that is sure to get your attention.  watches
Once replica watch collectors have the brand’s usual models – the Moon, the Seamaster, or the Globemaster or Deville for special occasions – they start looking around for the uncommon – the quirky, the unpopular, the unique. And that’s exactly how the Railmaster survives. The dark horse status of this watch, combined with its beautifully judged vintage styling, makes it a sought-after model for those with a deeper grounding in horology as a whole.

In terms of overall styling, it couldn’t be more understated. 40mm is ideal for a modern watch that doesn’t want to draw too much attention to itself. The stainless steel case is relatively thick at just over 12 mm, giving it a solid, reliable feel and an excellent softly brushed finish. The dial surface has a subtle vertical stripe texture, and the hands and markers feature beige Super-LumiNova luminescence that replicates the look of aged radium.
And inside, as you would expect, everything is modern. The Cal. 8806 was only launched in 2017, based on the 8800, but without the date function. Another in-house engine, it’s also METAS-certified and comes with an in-line escapement that raises the Railmaster’s anti-magnetic performance from the original 1,000 gausses all the way to the same 15,000 gausses as other Master Chronometer replica watches.  
It may have had a tough upbringing, as happens from time to time with even the finest makers’ models, but the modern rolex Railmaster is reveling in its now cult classic role. A tasteful, minimalist throwback, it is for purists and backed by some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

Today’s Submariner has a diameter of 40mm and a height of 12.5mm, very slim for a dive watch. The watch without the date display is powered by the in-house 3130 self-winding movements, while the one with the date display is the 3135 movement. Both movements have a 48-hour power reserve. Chronometer certification from the independent testing institute COSC guarantees the accuracy of the watches, while the company itself has stricter standards, stipulating that each Rolex should not be increased or decreased by more than two seconds per day. The Glidelock system extends the bracelet for a precise fit and allows the Submariner to be worn on a diving suit. Like all replica Rolex Submariners, it has a metal bracelet with a unidirectional rotating bezel, which is inlaid with ceramic.

Saturation diving was developed in the early 1960s. When working at deep-sea locations, professional diving companies take advantage of the fact that after 24 hours of working under pressure, the body does not absorb additional nitrogen, thus limiting the time needed to decompress. Therefore, to prepare for long hours of work at deep-sea sites, professional divers spend several days in a pressure chamber filled with a helium-nitrogen-oxygen mixture. Once their underwater mission is complete, the pressure in the chamber is gradually reduced to normal levels. During this process, the crystals on the diver’s watch would often eject from the case due to the helium trapped inside the watch. Divers from the Sealab project encountered this problem while helping the U.S. Marine Corps conduct research on the effects of high pressure and various breathing gases on the human body.
A Sealab diver reported the problem to replica Rolex and suggested adding an escape valve to safely release the helium gas that penetrates the watch. Rolex then developed the helium release valve, which was adopted by many other brands.
In the early 1970s, fake Rolex began working with Comex, a French diving specialist and supplied replica watches to all Comex divers, who then shared their experience to help the watch continue to evolve. Comex laid underwater cables and was responsible for diving oil rigs and recovering sunken ships. During this time, they developed their own special tools and tested breathing gas mixtures. Comex set many depth records and had a Sea-Dweller on the wrist of their divers for every tortured test. In 1972, two divers were put to the test for 50 hours in a pressurized chamber at a depth of 610 meters.

Obviously, we talk a lot at Bob’s about watches — everything from what celebrities wear to what to buy and how to care for them. But our friends at Kelly Klee focus on another aspect of watches: how to insure them. As a private client insurance broker, Kelly Klee helps clients ensure their valuables such as art collections, vintage cars, vacation homes, and luxury watches.
Recently, we talked to the folks at Kelly Klee to discuss all fake watches. We talked about everything from getting into the business to the love of collecting, and how to build a valuable collection. You can read the full feature article on Kelly Klee’s website, but here are some highlights we think you’ll enjoy.
However, many of Kelly Klee’s clients are actually avid watch collectors, sometimes with decades-old watches, like Paul. Paul says his personal collection has changed dramatically over the years. “Most of my models are Rolexes. But lately I’ve been buying more and more gold watches to keep. For me, I’m more selective; I don’t have as many gold watches as steel ones. But recently, I’ve bought more gold vintage watches as an investment.”
For those fellow collectors who have serious luxury watch collections, Paul said the most important thing is to avoid the trends. “Don’t buy what someone else likes, and do your research.” And in terms of what replica watches Paul says are a good investment right now, he zeroed in on Omega and Rolex. “With Rolex, there are some watch models that are on the fringe, where they’re very affordable and turning vintage soon,” Paul confided. “Consider GMT or Submariner models like the 16800, 168000, 16710 – these are all very affordable today and can only go up in value.”
Kelly Klee helps clients ensure all sorts of collections and valuables. However, as Paul explained, there’s something really very particular and special about a watch collection. “To me, watches are cool because they’re affordable compared to cars or art.
Finally, many of Kelly Klee’s customers buy watches not just as accessories, but as investment pieces. ‘If you want to buy some watches as an investment, you have to focus on luxury watches of high quality and limited production, such as those from brands such as Eggplant, Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Abbey,’ Mr. Paul said. “Historically, especially vintage watches, they have gone up in value,” Explains Paul. “They have proved to be huge investments. But it also has to do with quality — some of the original clocks that have been maintained over the years may not even have been polished. It would be cool if it had boxes and paper, but more importantly, it has high quality.”


The Submariner 116610 is powered by Rolex’s Caliber 3135 Perpetual, a movement that has been a staple of their lineup for decades. The movements of Rolex are known for their simplicity and reliability, and the Cal. 3135 is no exception. This 31 jewel movement features an anti-magnetic blue Parachrom hairspring for a smooth reading and a convenient 48 hour power reserve. rolex
Naturally, like most up to date Rolex movements, it’s self-winding and has an automatic date change function. Also, the Caliber 3135 is chronometer certified, a certification that only the most accurate movements can receive. In short, if you take proper care and maintenance of your Rolex Submariner 116610, the movement should continue to produce accurate readings for several lifetimes of wear.
The ref. 116610 retailed for $8,950, which recently went up from $8,550 during Rolex’s much-anticipated January 2021 price increase. On the used market, that price will be even higher, as stainless steel Rolex replica watches are so sought-after that they are completely sold out at authorized dealers, with waiting lists in many places stretching back several years. You could potentially get it on the used market for around $10,000, which still represents a great deal on one of the most iconic fake watches of all time.
If you’re not willing to join the long waiting list to buy at a retail store, your best choice is to buy on the used Rolex market. Every replica rolex watch we sell is a 100% certified pre-owned watch and every part inside and out is original. There’s no better way to find the perfect pre-owned Rolex Submariner 116610 for your wrist than to buy it in our online store, so shop our newest releases immediately before someone else gets a hold of your desired watch.
Rolex is also well-known for its use of trench setting, an extremely secure method of setting smaller diamonds by placing them closely in the grooves of a trench. To ensure an aesthetically pleasing and secure setting, Rolex insists on 100% size-matching of all diamonds used in its watches, which are individually sorted through a specially created computer program to ensure complete accuracy.
High quality diamonds combined with top quality settings make all Rolex diamond fake watches look cold and luxurious. However, to truly appreciate their brilliance, we recommend you see them up close and personal. The best way to do this is to shop around and buy one for yourself.

When it comes to replica Rolex watches, a few words have lost all meaning. “Underrated,” “Sleeper” and “underrated” may not be completely meaningless at this point, but we’re getting there fast. Frankly, social media and articles like this won’t help the avid hunter, but you’d be surprised how many people I meet know nothing about Explorer II. In this article, I’m going to talk about the Explorer II Ref. 16570, which was the 40mm version that was produced for 22 years, from 1989 through 2011. Low-key design, dual time zone functionality, near indestructibility, and with a doggedly non-luxurified attitude, the Explorer II 16570 may be the best value fashionable Rolex sports watch out there. Rolex Explorer II
Of course, I’m a bit biased towards the Explorer II. It has always been my favorite Rolex sports replica watch, hands down. Actually, the first Rolex I bought was a 216570 black dial. While the Submariner, GMT-Master II, and Daytona get all the spotlights, the Explorer II has been Rolex’s low-key utilitarian tool watch that is also a real travel watch for decades now. A bit of the black sheep of the Rolex sports-watch family, the Explorer II is the Prince Harry to the GMT-Master II’s Prince William.
Introduced as a watch for spelunkers, the Explorer II design is function over form. The darkness in some of these caves makes it impossible to tell whether it is day or night, which is the reason for the 24-hour hand and fixed bezel. While the original Explorer II Ref. 1655 was not at all meant to be a travel watch, the 16570 introduced an independent hour hand that functionally made the watch a dual time zone travel watch.
The 16550 also introduced the two dial options that remain to this day, with a black or white (aka Polar) dial. The Polar dial models had a paint defect that caused the dial to slowly turn into a cream color, making them highly coveted by collectors. Inside the 16570 is the caliber 3185 movement (models post-2006 have the slightly updated 3186), which was introduced in 1988 and was used in the Explorer II and the GMT-Master II.
Though they are actually the same fake watch, there have been various serial numbers associated with Explorer II 16570 watches over the years that have mostly subtle differences.
Finally, some of the post-2006 16570 models have the caliber 3186 movement, which was upgraded with a parachrom hairspring. There is a bit of a “wobble” from the GMT hand on the 3185 when adjusting the time, which this new hairspring on the 3186 managed to prevent. This is not a huge difference, but Rolex is constantly improving and reiterating.

We know that the Submariner 116619 is crafted from solid 18k white gold, which certainly makes this more of a luxury sports watch than a Rolex tool watch. However, like all Rolex dive watches, the Submariner 116619 is built for the task at hand should the need arise – but much more on that later.
To the untrained eye, this may look like a standard stainless steel Submariner, but it’s far from your average dive watch. As a news model, this fake Rolex Submariner is outfitted with a unidirectional rotating bezel fitted with a Cerachrom ceramic insert, in addition to thicker hands and larger hour markers on the dial.
But, the most striking feature of the white gold Submariner ref. 116619 is the vibrant blue color of the dial and bezel, which is the reason for its “Smurf” nickname. It’s worth noting that the blue dial on the Smurf is different than the blue dials fitted to other gold and two-tone Submariner replica watches. While blue Submariner dials have historically been a dark blue with a metallic sunburst finish, the dial on the Smurf is a bright flat blue color with a glossy lacquered surface. watches
In spite of the fact that very few Submariner ref. 116619 watches will probably never go for a dive given its luxurious 18k white gold construction, it is still built as a professional diving watch. As such, like all modern Rolex Submariners, the reference 116619 can safely plunge to 1,000 feet deep below the surface of the ocean.
What’s more, to accommodate thick diving suits, the Submariner ref. 116619 features the clever Glidelock extension system on the clasp of its white gold Oyster bracelet.No tools are required to make the bracelet shorter or longer, and the bracelet can be expanded up to about 20mm in 2mm increments. Should the bracelet need to be adjusted, simply slide the Glidelock mechanism until the perfect fit is reached.
It’s said that Chromalight lasts longer than traditional green-glowing lume and is easier to see in the dark. Apart from the luminescent hands and hour markers, there’s also a luminous plot on the bezel to make tracking immersion times while diving even easier.
Powering the time and date functions of the Submariner ref. 116619 “Smurf” is the popular replica Rolex in-house Caliber 3135 automatic movement, which offers users a 48 hour of power reserve. First introduced in the late 1980s, the Cal 3135 movement is a reliable and proven workhorse, and it is widely considered to be among the best mechanical movements for everyday wear and use.
With its dramatic look and hefty price tag, it’s not surprising that the solid 18k white gold Submariner ref. 116619 is a famous model among celebrities. We’ve spotted it on the wrist of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, actor Will Arnett, rapper Tinie Tempah, and even actor, comedian, and musician Jack Black. What do you think of this super advanced pure white gold and light blue submarine?Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Panerai watches

Following Panerai’s first successful partnership with America’s cup team Luna Rossa, which led to the Luna Rossa Submersible, the Italian watchmaker continued its partnership with the 36th America’s cup challenger with three new models.

ar 5948-2
The three new replica watches retain the same basic aesthetics as the first generation — most notably the dial, which USES the real Luna Rossa — but they are unique to each other and employ a large number of different materials and complex parts.
The Panerai Luminor Luna Rossa Regatta 47mm is the biggest of the trio, and the substantial case, which measures 19.94mm thick, is resplendent with Panerai’s Carbotech case construction, which involves layering carbon fibre and then bonding the structure with polymers. The net result of this complex case material is that, although the dimensions of the Luna Rosa Regatta are among the biggest of any rolex replica watch on sale today, the timepiece itself is comparatively quite light.
What’s more, the highly spec’d movement hosts a number of practical functions aimed at aiding the members of Team Luna Rossa on their storied endeavor to break the America’s Cup record. As a result, in addition to hours, minutes and small seconds, the Luna Rossa Regatta also features a regatta countdown, flyback chronograph and a zero reset seconds.
The Panerai Luminor Luna Rossa Chrono Flyback 44mm distinguishes itself from its larger brethren by being finished in a black micro sandblasted ceramic case that measures 18.40mm thick. The apparent benefits of ceramics are twofold, as the material not only provides unmatched scratch resistance, but is significantly lighter than steel.
Last but certainly not least, the Panerai Luminor Luna Rossa GMT 44mm is hewn from hard-wearing and lightweight titanium, which is then given a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating to achieve its black aesthetic. The Luna Rossa GMT’s case measures 15.65mm thick, making it the slimmest watch of the trio.
Apart from the distinctive sailcloth dial, all three of the fake watches feature a 12-sided screw-back case that is DLC coated and features an engraved motif of the Luna Rossa logo, the Luna Rossa AC75 monohull and a sketch of the America’s Cup.
The trio is fitted with a “Ponte Vecchio” black calf leather strap with contrasting white stitching, and all leather straps are equipped with trapezoidal wiredrawing titanium buckles and buckles treated with black DLC coating.